We returned to 9 Mile Island to perform a Dutch Oven demo for approximately 250 Scouts & Leaders & Dads.  Pizza, Chicken Wings, French Fries, Cobler, & Chili were the "menu".  Of course we expanded upon this & showed various ways to prepare pizza in a dutch oven.  Once you've got a batch of hot oil, we showed how many other things can be cooked this way: mushrooms, apples, bananas, & donuts.  The biggest thing we were trying to get across to the Scouts is to experiment with a dutch oven ... when in doubt, try it.

The members & returning volunteers that we had on hand for this demo were: Kevin Backstrom, Patrick Backstrom, Katie Dimitrov, John Jones, Bill Stockwell, Ron Wagner,  Bill Wheeler, & Dennis Wheeler.  We also had a few helper-Dads assisting us throughout the day.

The prep & setup:


The Demo's:

Just like the last time we did the Pizza & Wings thing, the food was getting snagged up as fast as we were putting it out.  This was a good sign. ... :-)


While all the demos were running smoothly, a few "extra" dishes were experimented with.  Stockwell did a Bread Pudding, Wagner a Pineapple Upside Down Cake & Wheeler a Seafood Strew.

A scary combination ... Wheeler & Stockwell ... :-)


Wheeler actually made something in a Dutch Oven ... with a recipe ... a San Francisco Seafood Stew.  

Stockwell did a number with a recipe for Bread Pudding:

... And Ron's Pineapple Upside Down Cake.