Well, The cook-off on Cape Cod has come and gone.  It was a great deal of fun and Esther and I had a wonderful time.  We met some more avid DO enthusiasts and participants and a whole bunch of spectators.  The weather was wonderful, the people were great, and the cooking was out of sight.  I would encourage anyone that wants to spend a weekend on Cape Cod with their Dutch Ovens to consider the last Saturday in September 2004 and participate in this cook-off. This was a really good time and I would encourage anyone to make the trip next year and participate in this event.  Bob Phillips does all of this on his own.  Not really any sponsors, just him because he enjoys doing it.  Most of the entrants were from right there in the area locally and then there was us.  They treated us like we were part of them and the spectators were very friendly and really rooted us on.  They had all kinds of questions for us and most of them stayed all day.  We plan on attending and competing again next year.  We finished First overall in the Bread category, Second in the Main Dish category, third in the Dessert category and Second in the Three Pot Category. 

Dave & Esther Horton

 A cook's helper

Another award for Scouts

Another Colonial setup

Another Scout Award

Apple Cake

Apple Cake Award

Apple Cake inside

Apple Cake waiting for judges


Bob Phillips setting up

Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding waiting to be judged

Charcoal Starter

Chicken Enchiladas

Colonial Setup

Competition site is ready

Contestants begin work

Corn Chowder Award

Cornish Game Hens

Dave & Esther Horton

Dutch Oven Dave's

Dutch Oven Dave's

Dutch Oven Dave's

Fred & Lee Mullin

Fred Mullin

Good use of wheel barrow

Jalapeneo Cheese Bread

Jalapeneo Cheese Yeast Bread

Kneading bread

Moment of refreshment ... :-)

More Awards


Mullen's with Three Pot Award

One Pot Trophy

Peeling Apples


Ranger Bob

Ranger Bob

Scout & Assistant Scoutmaster

Scout & Leader

Scout checking meal

Scout receives award

Scout relaxing


Scout's Corn Chowder

Scout's Meatloaf & Beans

Second Place Three-Pot

Scoutmaster & Scouts

Spice Cake & Whipped Cream

Tables being arranged

Tie for Adult Main Dish

Two more Scouts

Two more Scouts

Western New York Chapter

Western New York Chapter

Another Colonial Setup