Dutch Oven Training


I traveled to Indiana, PA this Saturday to do Dutch Oven training for The Women of the Outdoors.  Started off in the early morning, before classes, with a batch of Biscuits made from scratch just to get their attention and then held two classes in the afternoon.  We then prepared Beef Stew, Chicken Pot Pie, Cornbread and Peach Cobbler so that everyone there could have a sample.  It was a long day, but everyone enjoyed it.  I have already received e-mails back asking further questions and telling me of Dutch Ovens that have been lost in the garage taking on new meaning.  That is what makes it all worthwhile.

Dave Horton

... pics of the display


... Dutch Oven Cookbooks


Camp Chef Stove


Charcoal Chimney


Buffalo Lid


Lid Holder


Lid Holders & Trivets


Kitchen Tables


Kitchen Tools


Stanley Knife Set


Ultimate Dutch Oven




... some pics of the class

... questions from the class


Cleaning a Dutch Oven


Cobbler Test


Oiling a Dutch Oven


Bread will rise this high ...


Some of the "added benefits" & results of the class ... :-)


Beef Stew


Chicken Pot Pie


Corn Bread


Peach Cobbler



Dutch Oven Dave


... and last but not least ...