Scout Fundraiser in Bangor, Maine

July 15, 2005

I recently traveled to Bangor, Maine to participate in an Open House with one of my dealers. We manufacture Pressure Washers. He is also a Miller welding dealer and had arranged to have the Miller Chopper motorcycle there as a draw for folks to come in and see. Part of Miller's stipulations to having the Chopper was that the dealer had to hold a fundraiser that benefited a local charity. I offered to arrange that for him and contacted the local LDS ward and asked how to contact the Scoutmaster. I offered to pull my trailer to Maine and allow the Troop to use any and all of my Camp Chef DOs to cook cobblers and sell them by the bowl. They agreed and my dealer bought the ingredients and the Scouts came with parents to help and supervise and after a day of cooking cobblers took home around $150.00 and each Scout took home a Camp Chef Apron and small skillet for their efforts. They also took home an appreciation of cooking in a DO and the knowledge of how to prepare and cook a nice Blueberry or Peach cobbler. I spent time in the morning and during the day to train them and make sure they were having a good time.
Below are pictures of this event.

Dutch Oven Dave strikes again.